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Taunton, MA  |  508-677-0520

At maxon, we develop and build high-precision electric drive systems that are among the best in the world. We combine brushed and brushless DC motors, gearheads, sensors, and controllers into complete mechatronic drive systems. Our drives are ideal for wide variety applications across multiple industries because of their size, reliability, and service life.

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Companies Serving Near Massachusetts

Brooksville, FL  |  352-799-2599

The products of Composite Motors, Inc. (CMI) all undergo the same AS9100 certified design, manufacture and testing protocol. These products include Brushless DC motors, motor drivers, Lithium Ion batteries and Battery Management Systems, gear motors and linear actuators. All products are made in the USA from raw materials. Tooling for stamping and assembly of stators, rotors, winding equipment...

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Schaumburg, IL  |  847-439-4949

At SPG USA Inc., we specialize in providing high-quality fractional horsepower motors, offering a comprehensive range of products, services, and capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our customers. With a strong commitment to innovation and excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the fractional horsepower motor industry.

Our primary focus is on delivering...

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Zionsville, IN  |  317-873-5211

Dart Controls, Inc. is a renowned company specializing in fractional horsepower motors. With a rich history and deep industry knowledge, our company offers an extensive array of products to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our product lineup encompasses a comprehensive selection of fractional horsepower motors, designed to provide reliable and efficient solutions for various...

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Stratham, NH  |  833-737-1009

ElectroCraft, Inc. is a global provider of dependable, application-engineered fractional-horsepower motor and motion products. The ElectroCraft Powering Innovation custom manufacturing services cover the following products: AC motors, PMDC motors, brushless DC motors, stepper motors, servo motors, gearboxes, gearmotors, linear actuators, drives, servo drives, integrated motor drives. Our products ...

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Fractional Horsepower Motors

Fractional Horsepower Motors

There are many uses for fractional horsepower motors. Since they produce few vibrations, they can be used in equipment that requires exceptionally high precision. Two types of fractional horsepower motors are stepper and servo motors which allow...

AC Motors

AC Motors

An AC motor is an electric motor that uses alternating current to produce mechanical energy using magnetism blended with alternating current. The structure of an AC motor includes coils that produce a rotating...

DC Motors

DC Motors

A DC motor or direct current motor is an electrical machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy by creating a magnetic field that is powered by direct current. When a DC motor is powered, a magnetic field is created...

Electric Motors

Electric Motors

An electric motor is an electric machine that converts electrical energy to mechanical energy. Most electric motors work via the interaction of the motor magnetic field and electrical current in a wound wire to...

Power Cords

Power Cords

A power cord is an electrical component used for connecting appliances to an electrical utility or power supply. It is made from an insulated electrical cable with one or both ends molded with connectors...

AC Power Supplies

AC Power Supplies

An AC power supply is a type of power supply used to supply alternating current (AC) power to a load. The power input may be in an AC or DC form. The power supplied from wall outlets (mains supply) and...

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